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I <3 window shopping

30 Sep

TGIF peeps!

I did some Home Goods window shopping last weekend.

How do you like to window shop? Do you always buy at least one item before you leave the store?

Normally I browse around the whole store looking at everything, taking pictures as I go so I don’t forget certain pieces I’m drawn too. Then I do another round, it seems like I always find new things during my second round. Is it like that for you too? It’s like I need a minute to let it all soak in.

My key for window shopping is NEVER grab a cart. I hate carts. I prefer to carry my items, it also gives me time to think about the purchase while I’m lugging it around the store. I think about where I would put it, is it worth the cost, do I have 10 other items similar to it. you know? The crucial things. haha

Here are some goodies I saw, but unfortunately I left empty handed. Sometimes I think it’s better to browse more than you buy, plus it’s nicer on the wallet too.

Have a great weekend!



Window Shopping at Home Goods

26 Jul

Sunday I decided to pop on over to Home Goods for a little “window shopping”. I love looking at their decor items and checking to see if they have anything new and worth the buy. I also was on the look out for some new doggies beds, they have the best dog beds…well normally, I didn’t have much luck that day. But I did buy a cabinet for the living room which I’m obsessed with. I’ll be sharing it with you soon.

While you wait for that, here are some items I wish I had the money/space for.

This trash can would be perfect for outside or in a laundry room.

Love these lamp shades. Not so much the bases.

I really wanted to buy this little owl stool.

Adorable nesting tables for only $30!

Love this modern globe.

They had a huge selection of lucite lamps. Love.

I apologize for all the iPhone photos. I really need to start carrying my camera everywhere.

Hope you all enjoyed your “virtual window shopping”

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