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19 weeks

11 Apr

Can’t believe I’m already at 19 weeks, almost half way there!!

19 weeks

This past week baby girl has been kicking up a storm. She gets really active after dinner when I lay down to rest. I love feeling her move, It’s like our own special time together.

And on Easter Sunday after we were winding down from a long day, she was very happy and active so Daddy got to feel her for the first time!

I still haven’t had many cravings, or if I do I forget about them pretty quickly.

Last night I got really creative and made a belly butter recipe I came across on Molly Sim’s blog

belly butter recipe

Basically you melt all these ingredients together. It’s super oily but It’s going to be so great for my expanding belly.

17 weeks

29 Mar

I’m into my 17th week now, and baby is the size of an onion…so they say.

This week I noticed my belly had a little growth spurt. I don’t think I’ve officially “popped” but I definitely think I’m starting to look preggers.

Favorite foods this week have been avocado (of course) and peanut butter.


I’ve felt slight flickering in my tummy, which I think is baby kicking and punching away.

I’ve also been keeping a little secret from you…about a week ago we saw our little angel via ultrasound and found out the sex!

wait for it…

belly and shoes

Yep! We’re having a girl!

We are so happy to be having a little girl. I went in totally thinking I was having a boy, so she was definitely a nice little surprise!

I can’t wait for ruffles, pink, and all the clothes!

And most of all I can’t wait to meet her.

16 weeks

20 Mar

IMG_9151 - Copy

At 16 weeks I’m starting to feel like myself again. No more morning sickness. Yay! food is my friend again. My energy level is definitely picking up, even though I still long for my 3:00 nap time.

So far I’m not really craving any specific foods, except for Mexican food but that’s pretty normal for me. Oh! and I’ve been eating a lot of avocado, which is funny because at 16 weeks they say the baby is the size of an avocado.

I took some time over the weekend to do a little stroller shopping. First on Saturday with my bestie and then I went back on Sunday with the husband. I’m a little stroller obsessed.

I’m really loving the iCandy Peach


Also, love the ease of use and all the features that come with the Uppababy Vista


They didn’t have it at the store I went to, but I still want to test out Phil & Ted’s Promenade.


Any advice from stroller moms is much appreciated!

coming clean…literally

16 Mar

Yes, I’m about to admit I have a secret weapon when it comes to my “hoarding”

Which is everything goes into the guest room and the door stays closed forever.

Until now of course…because it’s time to organize and get this room in tip top shape for babies arrival.

Unfortunately I was too excited to get started and forgot to take before pictures of the room, but trust me it was bad and you could barely even walk inside.

I snapped a couple of pictures during my organizing rampage, it might not look like it but this is major progress.

photo 3

photo 1

Pretty embarrassing.

photo 2

I hope to have it completely cleared out by this weekend. But I think I’ll leave the bed in there until we get our nursery furniture since believe it or not, we actually have friends stay in here. True friends of course…that don’t judge.

On another note I forgot to share with you my 14 week baby bump.

photo 1 (2)

Have a great weekend!

nursery inspiration boards

6 Mar

Hi All!

Today I’m 14 weeks, woo hoo!

26 more weeks to go, oh lord…

One of the many things I look forward to on this prego journey is finding out the sex of our little beeb.

I’m so impatient!

Especially since it’s holding me back from decorating the nursery.

So while waiting semi-patiently, I decided to create a couple of inspiration boards.

Baby Girl Nursery

Love the soft grays and white, with pops of gold, peach and pink.

Baby Boy

I’m loving these vintage airplanes and the simplicity of this room.

I’m crossing my fingers that in 2 weeks I’ll know which board I’m going with. Yay! Can’t wait!

the big news

23 Feb

I apologize for my absence…I just haven’t been up to blogging lately.

Due to a little bean taking over my body and life.


Yes! We’re PREGNANT!

I love this picture, it was taken on January 2nd in Kauai, the day we found out!

And what a relief it was, because prior to this I had been held up in bed not able to hold any food down for 3 days.

It all started with a horrible yet memorable boating experience. Where I went through the most horrendous case of sea sickness I’ve ever had in my entire life. After 3 days of still feeling “sea sick” the husband just knew something wasn’t right. Plus he was hearing the P word quite a lot from his mom and sister.

So off he went to pick up a test!

…four tests later (just cause I’m crazy like that) we found out our lives would be changing forever.


There is something so intimate and special about sharing the news between just the two of you. I never would have imagined the warmth and love I would feel in that moment with my husband. We were embarking on a whole new adventure, and were excited to start!

And now that I’m finally feeling a bit normal and able to eat the foods I once enjoyed. I plan to get back into blogging and decorating and DIYing!

We have big projects to tackle before this little babe makes their arrival on September 4th.

One of them being the guest bathroom, which will now be the babies bathroom. We are gutting it and hopefully expanding it, because it’s tiny TINY!

Also, a room I’ve never shared with you guys is our guest room aka my hoarding room. This room needs a complete overhaul as well since it will now become the nursery.

So stick with me peeps!

I’ll also keep you updated on the little one, as well as post some belly shots. Cause who doesn’t love a good preggers belly once in awhile!

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