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Area Rugs on Carpet

3 Jun

Would you say this is taboo? a big no-no in decorating?

Well, as I’ve never had formal training,  I prefer to have no rules in decorating. I just go with the flow!

So when I took the PB moorish rug out of the living room, I wasn’t quite ready to part with it, so I moved it into our bedroom. I’ve never been a fan of rugs on carpet, but after googling a bit, I noticed I really liked the color & pattern it can bring to boring carpet.

This room is gorgeous, the chevron rug adds so much to this room.

Ok so here’s what it looks like in our bedroom

So, what do you think?

Happy Yellow

2 May

So I’m not sure if I mentioned but I won the eBay rug I was bidding on! Yay!

I’m sure you are all familar with this rug because it was a huge hit when Pottery Barn launched it but also a huge outrage once they discontinued it. Damn you!

Well, I had been scouring eBay hoping to find it again and one lucky day I hit the jack pot!

Here it is in all it’s glory!

Don’t you think the yellow just pops! Every time I walk in the room now it just screams Happy Yellow!

Now the plan is to keep it clean, unfortunately my dogs are obsessed with area rugs and have already fallen in love with Miss Yellow. I had it professionally cleaned right when I got it, but I fear more cleaning will be needed in the future. If anyone has any good daily cleaning remedies for a wool rug, I’m all ears!

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