Black Lamps

15 Aug

There’s something so sexy about a glossy black lamp. Well at least it is for me. I love them.

A couple weeks ago I scored big with two black floor lamps from Kirkland’s for only $59 each. I was ecstatic!

You might remember me talking about them on this post.

Unfortunately… when I received them they were broken at the base, and not just one but BOTH!! I was now pissed. I sent them back for replacements and was just told by Kirkland’s that they were sold out. WTF is right!

So I’ve been hunting yet again for that perfect black lamp. My options are limited and I’m definitely going to have to spend a lot more money.







These are all so amazing it’s hard to make up my mind. Which one is your fave?


New Rugs from Surya

11 Aug

I’m loving these new rugs from Surya by designer Jill Rosenwald.

I read her blog and was super excited when I saw her new designs and couldn’t wait for them to hit stores.

So you wouldn’t believe how happy I was when I came across them on Bellacor

Don’t you just love a bold rug! I DO!!!

Painting Weekend

10 Aug

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I had a fun little weekend spray painting anything I could find.

Like this vintage pedestal tin…

a pretty turquoise

I loved this color so much, I sprayed this old tray too.

I also painted some other things for my little closet update, but I’ll have to share that with you another day once it’s complete.

How much do you all love spray paint? It really is like magic in a can.

My Tips for a Beautiful Home

5 Aug

Ok so I’ll admit I’m one of those people that when I instantly walk into a home I notice things I would change or fix. Not to say I do it with every home but I do have a little pet peeve when it comes to certain things. But I also notice things I love, a certain chair, the placement of a mirror or painting. Don’t worry I’m not that mean, I do find the beauty too.

So I’ve decided to start sharing some of my tips for creating a beautiful home. You might enjoy them or you might not. Whether you agree with them or not, just know that this is all for fun.You can take my advice or totally ignore it. Don’t worry I’ll still love you.

So here goes…

#1 Clean. Clean. Clean.
A clean house is my number one rule to a beautiful and inviting home. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean your home has to be clean at all times because believe me my home is far from it. But I believe daily cleaning, like dishes, clothes in hamper, bed made and sofa pillows fluffed goes a long way. Also deep cleaning is key, every 2 weeks is what I prefer. And then a good 6 month spring cleaning, tackling that garage or donating some old clothes.
As long as you keep your house in daily order it should be easy to do a quick clean up before an unexpected guest arrives.

Enough with the clutter.
Say no to random piles of magazines, that DVD collection displayed for all to see and mounds of picture frames on the mantel.

This does nothing for you except distract people from other beautiful things in your home.
When it comes to displaying the same item, you definitely have to put some thought into it.

Create groupings which compliment each other, you could sketch out your plan or just have some fun with different ideas.

I love a beautifully styled bookshelf, floor to ceiling built-ins are one of my wishes for our next home.

Notice how these bookshelves are styled. Even with the thousands of books, it can still look chic and clean.

all via decorpad

I hope this was helpful for you, I’ll try and post a tip each week.

Enjoy your day!

Mirrored Cabinet

2 Aug

So remember my “window shopping” at Home Goods last week, well I didn’t leave empty handed. Obviously.

I’ve been on the look out for a mirrored cabinet for the living room, because you all  know I love me some mirrored goodness.

Just so you don’t think I’m crazy here’s a pretty picture I found.

via decorpad

And here’s my gorgeous new cabinet!

I wasn’t to fond of the knobs, I thought they looked a little cheap, so I did a little swap with another side table I had. Just a little temporary solution until I go knob shopping.

I’d like to raise the TV up a bit too, so I can have some room to display stuff. If only I could disguise that damn cable box. Ugh such an eye sore. Any tips?

I’m pretty much obsessed.

My faves from West Elm

1 Aug

I’m lusting over some new items at West Elm

Here are some of my faves


Dhurrie Ottoman

Empire Rug

Glass Jar Pendants

Industrial Coffee Table

Horn Magnifying Glass

Leaf Pillow

Carved Wood Coffee Table

Wood Grain Towels

Medallion Shower Curtain

New House Tour Photos

29 Jul

Happy Friday!

I’ve update our House Tour page!

Enjoy your weekend! We are off for a little “camping trip” at my friends ranch.

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