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Monogrammed Bedding

21 Mar

If you follow me on Pinterest you might notice I’ve been crushing on monogrammed bedding.





Pink monogram


Navy monogram


There is something so chic and classic about a monogram, especially on bedding. So of course I had to get myself a pair.

IMG 5415 2

IMG 5416

I picked these up from Garnet Hill which is a great source for monogrammed items. These are the Fiesta shams in white with Coral thread.

IMG 5421

I’m loving them and think I might need to pick up another set!

oh what!!!

20 Mar

Our living room is over on Caitlin Wilson Design today!!

I feel very honored to be up on her blog, I’m so obsessed with her design and style and absolutely love her fabric line.

check it out peeps!

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 7.03.34 PM

somethings a little off

14 Mar

I don’t know if you noticed but now that we moved the table to the right for the upcoming built-in bench, our chandelier is looking a little off…

IMG 0506

So instead of having the husband move the electrical box, I was thinking of just putting up a flush mount or semi flush mount light. I’m hoping by going with this option you won’t notice the off centerness. Plus its a good excuse to update our light fixture, I’m super sick of this Pottery Barn one, my style has changed so much over the last 3 years.

Here are some pretty lights I found.

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Ed18ea2eebd9378d4567505ef57b282e 1

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OK technically these two aren’t flush mounts, but I think if I hung them high enough they could work.



So what do you think? It’s so hard for me to picture it without the cabinets painted. (which we plan to do soon! Yeee!) So help me out, do you have a fave?

nursery feature

9 Nov

Zoe’s nursery is featured on On to Baby today!

See it here!

Aging a redwood fence DIY FAIL!

21 Jul

Now that we have our gorgeous backyard, I’ve noticed some existing items that need to be tended too. About a year ago we had some fence boards replaced to sturdy up the back fence. You can tell in our photos that they now stick out like a sore thumb.

I did a little googling and found out how to make a mixture to age them.

I got straight to work on this project. First I mixed 1.5 cups backing soda to 1 gallon of water.

After a couple of hours this is how it looked…hmm darker but still not grey.

Time for plan B, soaking steel wool in white vinegar.

After 24 hours, the steel wool will have turned the vinegar grey. Well for us it took about 3 days, I don’t know, like I said I’ve been having bad luck on this project.

After painting on the vinegar stain, this is what I woke up to the next morning…

It turned the board almost black! I’m glad I only tried it on one board in the corner.

After all my despair and failed DIY attempts, I was at a loss.

While I was out moping, to my surprise my husband decided to mix up a grey stain and stain them himself.

This is what I came home to! YaY!

Don’t you love it when you get overly excited about a fence! oh…only me right?

So the moral of this story is, if your boards look like mine,  go ahead and save some time and have your husband stain them. DIY Fail!

Best of…Overstock area rugs

19 May

When shopping for an area rug, my first stop is always Overstock.

They always seem to have something great and at an even greater price!

Here are some rugs I’ve been eying and would buy if I only had the space!






Look familiar?? here




Wow! So many beautiful rugs right now on Overstock!

Don’t you wish you could have them all?

Well hurry up! I’m sure these will sell out fast! (by me)

Alexa Mod Trellis Rug is back!

17 May

I woke up to a beautiful email today!


Like I’ve said, I have an addiction to area rugs. Luckily Overstock customer service is bad ass and I’m able to return the 5×8 I bought previously.

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