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13 May

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m the big 2-8!

I normally don’t think much about my age, but 28 seems pretty scary. There is still so much I want to do while still in my twenties! Plus once you turn 28, 29 seems to creep up fast and soon you know it you’re 30! Why does that scare me so much? Did anyone else get scared turning 30?

I think it really just has to do with the unknowns like wrinkles, hair, weight, babies, career etc. etc.

I thought by now I would be pregnant, but it seems like I’m always putting it off for something. I guess I have time, right? (say no)

Woah! Time flies when you’re havin’ fun!

Anyway, I’m super excited for tonight! We are taking a party bus up to San Francisco to bar hop! I’ve never been on a party bus so I have mixed feelings, a little bit of anxiety, mixed with pure excitement!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend as much as I will!

Bad Dog

21 Apr

So here’s a little back story, we got Sarge (the pug) when he was a puppy after about a month of living in our new place. He was my birthday present from my honey. I love him to death! We didn’t really think about not letting him up on the furniture or on our bed to sleep. He was part of the family as far as I was concerned.

Well after many months of sleepness nights about 2 years ago we decided to move him out of the bed and into the living room at nights. I envy people who can sleep with all their doggies. They must not snore, obsessively lick,  pant heavily, or go in out of the covers 50 million times!!

So long story short, Sarge moved his sleeping area to our sofa, we always had piece of crap sofas so I didn’t really think about it much. Until we got Mr. Whitey (our new sofa) and now he is basically forbidden. I feel bad, but it’s honestly for the best. I mean who wants to go over to someones house and sit on a furry stinky dog sofa. Eww.

Unfortunatley its very hard to train a dog when you’re SLEEPING! What do I do!? Ugh, well for starters I’ve been training him not to get on the sofa at all while I’m around. When I leave or go to sleep I’ve resorted to putting a blanket over the whole sofa, just in case the stinker gets up there.

And this is what I wake up to every morning

Well at least he lays on the blanket!

How can you yell at this cute face?

I do have to mention that Bronx was always trained to be off furniture. He is such a good boy and always sleeps in his bed. Sometimes he does get jealous of his brother and tries to crawl up. Stinker!

If anyone has any good ides for training a dog not to sleep on the couch, I’m ALL EARS!


19 Apr

Ya, that’s what he says, right? I don’t know, I don’t follow Charlie Sheen much. I think that’s a good thing.

Anyway.. I’m bidding on this area rug on eBay and I’m going NUTS! It doesn’t end for another 3 days and I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself! I must win this rug! I must. I’ve been having dreams about and also some nightmares, nightsmares of not winning it when it gets down to the SECONDS! I’ve had this happen to me before with eBay so you can understand why I’m freaking out a bit. Basically I’m going to try and be that asshole who out bids everyone at the last second, ya sorry that’s me!

I think I have an addiction to area rugs, I want to buy them all, and then return them all! Ha! I hope I’m not alone with this one.

On another note, I love this living room and I’m slightly jealous of this chick and her style.

Can I have her kitchen chandelier too? Please…pretty please

See her ridiculously amazing blog, Me Oh My

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

14 Apr

Ok ok so my birthday technically isn’t for another month but when this clutch came back in stock I just HAD to spoil myself a little bit early.

EmersonMade. Is the cutest online store ever, with all handmade goodies made by super chic, Emerson!

And here’s what I spoiled myself with…

How cute is this box!

Looks pretty fabulous next to my ring if I don’t say so myself!

I’m normally not an animal print kind of girl, but for some reason this clutch spoke to me. It’s so fun and happy looking!

Best part is that you can remove the flower and add it to a cardigan or top for a little pizazz! Not sure if I’m there yet though.

Anyway…what do you think of my little early b-day present? Are you loving it as much as me!?

Going to the chapel and..

6 Apr

One of my besties is getting married this weekend! I’m off to Carmel tomorrow to enjoy her special day and I can’t wait to see her walk down that aisle! Love you Alli!!


watch this

30 Mar

One of my close friends is an amazing artist!

Check out this awesome video of him in action!

Lord Colin O’Neal


2 Mar

I feel yuck.

I’m in bed tonight shopping on my iPad trying to get over this sickness

While watching


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