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the big news

23 Feb

I apologize for my absence…I just haven’t been up to blogging lately.

Due to a little bean taking over my body and life.


Yes! We’re PREGNANT!

I love this picture, it was taken on January 2nd in Kauai, the day we found out!

And what a relief it was, because prior to this I had been held up in bed not able to hold any food down for 3 days.

It all started with a horrible yet memorable boating experience. Where I went through the most horrendous case of sea sickness I’ve ever had in my entire life. After 3 days of still feeling “sea sick” the husband just knew something wasn’t right. Plus he was hearing the P word quite a lot from his mom and sister.

So off he went to pick up a test!

…four tests later (just cause I’m crazy like that) we found out our lives would be changing forever.


There is something so intimate and special about sharing the news between just the two of you. I never would have imagined the warmth and love I would feel in that moment with my husband. We were embarking on a whole new adventure, and were excited to start!

And now that I’m finally feeling a bit normal and able to eat the foods I once enjoyed. I plan to get back into blogging and decorating and DIYing!

We have big projects to tackle before this little babe makes their arrival on September 4th.

One of them being the guest bathroom, which will now be the babies bathroom. We are gutting it and hopefully expanding it, because it’s tiny TINY!

Also, a room I’ve never shared with you guys is our guest room aka my hoarding room. This room needs a complete overhaul as well since it will now become the nursery.

So stick with me peeps!

I’ll also keep you updated on the little one, as well as post some belly shots. Cause who doesn’t love a good preggers belly once in awhile!

Antique Faire fun

5 Dec

Hey peeps! Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Yesterday my bestie Melissa and I hit up the Alameda Point Antiques Faire


Love this place! This is my third time going and It’s so much fun, if you are interested it’s every first Sunday of the month. Bring lots of cash and wear comfortable shoes, because it’s exhausting but there are so many awesome finds.






I was on the lookout for a antique bar cart, brass bamboo tray, antlers, and any other yummy finds.

My bestie scored big! She found an awesome chandelier, vintage metal basket, a gorgeous trellis pillow and black antique chair.

I on the other hand am a bit picky on where I spend my money. As much as I love everything and would buy everything at the faire. I have to be realistic on what would work in the amount of space we have in our little home.

But I am very happy with my little finds, like these awesome antlers


and these cute little gold striped glasses



Pretty excited to display these sparkling beauties on the new bookcase.

I also have big plans for the antlers which involve a little can of spray paint.

So has anyone else hit up the Faire lately? Find any goodies?

Shopping & Painting

22 Nov

Hope you all had a good weekend!

The Husband and I spent Saturday shopping for our Etsy shop and priming the bookcase, followed by a little babysitting with our cute nieces.


We love shopping for our shop, it’s one of the many reasons we started it. We loved finding treasures and making them available to other peeps.

Unfortunately since our store is online only, we are very limited to the size of the item. So for fun I took pictures of all the big items I wished I could buy.

photo 1

Loved this blue door, wouldn’t it look lovely leaning in a garden setting.

photo 2 (2)

photo 1 (2)

Amazing X coffee tables!

photo 5

These red beauties would make perfect bedside tables.

photo 3

We were so close to buying this table for our backyard…why can’t it be spring already! It was so lovely and rustic but with a beautiful modern design.

photo 3 (2)

And here was my all time favorite! Isn’t this table to die for!

I think it’s time I open up my own store…one day…one day.

photo 1

Before we went shopping we stopped off at the husbands shop to prime the bookcase I scored off craigslist. Ryan recommended priming it in oil base because it had kind of a funky finish on it. Loving his outfit! haha

photo 3

With just primer it already looked a whole lot better!

photo 4

So that’s how our little weekend went.

Did anyone else tackle any home projects this weekend?

Happy Birthday Mulsi!

20 Sep

Today is my bestie’s birthday. Happy Birthday Love!!!!

Since today is such a special day, I thought I’d share with you another special day.

See her gorgeous wedding featured on Engaged & Inspired



MIA + Baby

2 Sep

Sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately, life has been busy busy over here. We’ve been working really hard to get some more items up on the shop too. Which we did get some, but we have so many more great pieces and a lot of them still need to be revamped.

Here’s a good before and after of an item we just finished.

You can see more here

Plus my younger sister had her baby last week and I was off in Dallas visiting her. She’s is the sweetest little baby, which of course makes me want a little munchkin so bad!

Meet Norah Grace

Enjoy your 3 day weekend!

A Vintage Chic Bridal Shower

22 Jul

Remember that Bridal Shower I was freaking out about a couple months ago.

Well…. it was a huge success and I have some pretty pictures for you all.

The Bride Melissa, looking flawless as usual.

Nothing like having your Bridesmaid there to lotion up your legs!

As you all know I have no outdoor furniture. So we combined some outdoor furniture from my mother in laws, a vintage desk from my bestie Allison, and pulled some vintage pieces I had around the house. I loved the feeling it gave to the space.

The Bride had the cutest idea, to hang lingerie on clothes pins across the pergola. It came out so cute!

Funny enough I had this old window lying around the house, and I’m happy to say I put it to good use finally!

Another one of the Bride’s amazing ideas, cupcakes in a jar. They were pure deliciousness.

All photography by our amazing friend Cooper Falk

So there you have it!  A beautiful vintage chic Bridal Shower for my amazing bestie.

Do you have any fun parties coming up at your home?

I’d love to hear how you tackle them, do you hire a caterer or do you slave away in the kitchen like we did?

Congratulations Melissa & Clayton

20 Jul

Yes! My besties have tied the knot after being together for over 9 years! So of course this was a huge celebration.

Photo above taken by Jason & Anna Photography

They were married at Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma Valley. It was a beautiful setting and I can’t wait to see the photos and video of their special day. They even used our same wedding photographers, Jason & Anna Photography, so they’re sure to be amazing!

I was so honored to be the Maid of Honor for her, and with the help of our other bestie Candice we put together a cute slideshow of the two love birds.

And of course I apologize for my absence, it’s been a whirlwind leading up to this wedding.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more decor love.

I’m still here!

15 Jun

Wow sorry for the major lag in posting!

It had been a whirlwind of a week leading up to the Bridal Shower and I’m happy to report, it was a huge success!

Our lovely and talented friend Cooper took pictures of the evening so I hope to have them up soon for you all to enjoy and to see how amazing the decor turned out! Like seriously so much gorgeousness going on.

Here are a couple of snap shots my bestie Candice took of the day.

The beautiful Bride.

Jess and I, love this girl.

Pin the kisses on the groom!

My beautiful sister, look at that pregnancy glow.

The Bride, Melissa with bestie Candice.

These yummy cocktails were definitely flowing!


20 May

Sunday is our wedding anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year! Damn that was fast.

We are off for a little anniversary vacay and I so can’t wait for this:

Oh and L&R Vintage is having an anniversary sale, 10% off until Sunday!

coupon code Anniversary10

Operation Bridal Shower

18 May

So here’s the deal, my bestie is getting married in July and I’m hosting her bridal shower at our house on June 11th.

Here comes the to do list, honey!!

Ok so I’m semi freaking out about this. There is a lot that we need to get done to get our house in shape.

Some of which is…

* Finish the pergola posts

* Finish painting the pergola

* Remove all weeds

* Install irrigation and sod

* Repair planter boxes

* Paint planter boxes

* Plant flowers in pots and planters

* Power wash front and back patios

* Paint front door threshold

* Touch up back of house where needed

* Tan bark for side yard to pretty it up

* Repair back fence.

* Hang market lights on pergola

* Fix guest bathroom toilet

* Pretty up guest bathroom as much as possible

And if that weren’t enough, I have some bonus items I’m hoping to get to also.


* Install backsplash in kitchen

* Paint back door

* Install new front door hardware

* Install retractable screen door

Hmmm can you see why I’m freaking out?

Anyway, I know I’ve been a little MIA lately but don’t worry more posts will come soon as I tackle this massive to do list!

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