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grout color dilemma

13 Dec

ok real quick..

I’m having trouble deciding on a grout color.


White on white pretty much blends and doesn’t really showcase the subway pattern. But then again I like that it won’t compete with our busy granite.


bower power’s previous kitchen

backsplash-samples - Copy

My other option was to pull a color from the granite like a light gray or beige.

New House 2010-11 022

like this kitchen over on Some Really Neat Stuff


photo 4


Cottage and Creek used the color antique white. I really like the subtleness of it.


So what do you think?! Agh I need help and the tile installer is coming this week!


bye bye ugly backsplash

12 Dec

Hi All! Hope you had a fab and crafty weekend!

Sunday night we did a little backsplash demolition. Yee!


Feels so good to get rid of that hideous granite backsplash.


And let me just tell you it was not an easy task, the amount of glue they used on those suckers was crazy! So I had to in list the husband for some help.


We definitely will have to do some patching which we expected. Unfortunately as much as we love our older home, it comes with a price and most all of our walls are bowed.


After we finished, I noticed a couple of dilemmas. For one I hated HATED how they originally installed the granite on the wood panel next to the fridge. It’s like who does that!


So I’m hoping after we remove the glue we can salvage it to avoid having to tile over it.


This section should be a lot easier, the husband can patch and touch up the wall. I don’t know I’m not a fan of tile wrapped around the wall especially when there is not cabinet there.


And now that the ugly backsplash went bye bye, I could visualize our new tile so much better. We decided to go with a white glossy subway tile.

I’m sooo excited and can’t wait until its complete!

Which will hopefully be this week so stay tuned.

the great tile debate

19 Oct

So we’re doing it!

We are taking the plunge and finally installing the backsplash in our kitchen.

Now for the hard part…tile.

I know I definitely want subway tile, but I’m undecided on which material to use.

I did a quick stop at Lowes a grabbed some samples.

1. tumbled marble

2. tiny subway tile

3. polished marble

4. porcelain tile in bisque

combo of tile1

and here’s what our kitchen looks like now

I can’t wait to rip this off!

I was first drawn to #3 the polished marble but I think it might have to much variation and since our granite is already pretty busy I didn’t want it to be over kill.

So my second option was #4 the porcelain subway tile. It’s shiny which I love because it will reflect the light and I think it would modernize the kitchen.

I did some searching as well to find some pictures of kitchens with porcelain subway tile or something similar.

backsplash samples


if only I could paint my cabinets white…

I actually mentioned to Ryan yesterday if he wanted to surprise his wife for Christmas that we could paint the kitchen cabinets white, he would have one happy wifey!

oh how I dream of this one day…

But anyway for now, I’ll stick with what I have.

And now I need your help, which backsplash tile do you vote for?

any or none?

Dining Tables

3 Oct

So I’ve been thinking about getting a new dining table, the one we have right now was a hand me down and even though it’s only 48” diameter it still feels too big for the space.

I really love the idea of a parsons table, because I love the clean modern lines against our antique chairs.

West Elm has one I absolutely love


Although it’s only 32” I was hoping for 36” and an option to expand. But it’s a beauty and on sale!


Another option would be the Bjursta from IKEA which is expandable.

Although it doesn’t come in white, which I think I could live with.


I found a cheap one at Wal-Mart too, who knew. (try to ignore the ugly chairs)


After being set on a square table I did come across this cute knock off tulip table from Ikea.


I’m really loving the moderness of it. It just feels so clean.




I’d love to hear what you think. I’m kind of notorious for not being able to make decisions, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Stencil Wall Complete!

28 Sep

Yep! We did it!

We conquerd the kitchen with an amazing stencil by Royal Design Studios called Casablanca Trellis.

The whole process took us about 4 hours, thank god I had the husband there to help me, because I don’t think I could have done this alone. I envy all those who can!

Here’s how our little Saturday of painting went down

Many hours later we went from this…

to this!!!

And remember the sunburst mirror I DIY’ed, well I found the perfect place for it.

Don’t you think it compliments the wall perfectly?!

We chose a white satin paint, it’s actually the same color we painted all our interior trim. I love the sheen against the eggshell wall.

Hope you like it! I’m pretty much obsessed.

I’d love to see any walls you’ve stenciled. Were you pulling out your hair or were you loving every minute like us?

Update on Stencil Wall

23 Sep

Happy Friday!

Well unfortunately after much discussion the stenciling of the hallway is not going to happen and I did try!

But with the gorgeous plaster my husband slaved over and not to mention the uneven walls and 4 doorways it sadly was not in it’s future.

The good news is the kitchen nook has been chosen instead!

This space as always seemed plain to me, so I’m really looking forward to vamping it up.

Oh and here’s a picture of the stencil I chose

It’s called Casablanca Trellis by Royal Design Studios

Wish me (us) luck!

New House Tour Photos

29 Jul

Happy Friday!

I’ve update our House Tour page!

Enjoy your weekend! We are off for a little “camping trip” at my friends ranch.

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