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Fabric Love

25 Oct

The wait is finally over. Well at least it is for me.

I love Caitlin Wilson’s blog, her style is unreal.

She finally launched her fabric line, CWD Textiles and it is to die for.


I’ve already planned to redo all my throw pillows in her new gorgeous fabric.

And the best part is, her pillow covers are super reasonable priced.

Gotta love that.





Let the shopping begin!


bookshelf lust

24 Oct

Hi Peeps!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I’ve been lusting over this bookshelf and have been thinking about it all weekend. I must have it.

Right now we have zero shelf space in our living room, so I have no area to display my books and décor pieces.

So like I said…I must have this.

bookcase 2

bookcase 1


time to convince Ryan.

You can’t really beat the $399 price tag over at Home Decorators.

Vintage Inspired Table Fans

14 Oct

So we are one of those people that sleep with a fan on. We have become so accustomed to the white noise that now we can’t sleep without it. And 2 weeks ago our little rinky dink fan had it’s final days.

This gave me the opportunity to now shop for a cute fan, that would not only serve its purpose in our slumber but also become a stylish decor piece for our bedroom.

So I did a little online shopping and found these:

RH fan

My first fave was this fan from Restoration Hardware. Not only is it beautiful it’s on sale! $149 down to $74! but sadly it’s a final sale and when you add shipping it comes out to over $100. not exactly what I wanted to spend.


So I searched some more and came across this metal fan from SoleusAir. It’s cute but I wasn’t loving the large blades.

ace trading

Another great fan, but the reviews scared me away.


Loved this one, but I really wanted either brushed nickel or chrome.


After more online searching I finally spotted this guy at Target

Loved it! The color, the size, the vintage style and of course the $49 price tag.





Etsy Pillow Love

7 Oct

Etsy has seriously opened up the world to a plethora of amazing throw pillows.

As you may or may not know, I’m not one to pass up a bold print.

So for your viewing pleasure, here are some of my current faves.

set 2

set 4

set 3

set 1

source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source, source

I <3 Jonathan Adler

5 Oct

I mean who wouldn’t! Look at all this gorgeousness


traditional mixed with modern. bold prints. splashes of color. pretty much everything I dream about at night.

Happy “hump” day!

I <3 window shopping

30 Sep

TGIF peeps!

I did some Home Goods window shopping last weekend.

How do you like to window shop? Do you always buy at least one item before you leave the store?

Normally I browse around the whole store looking at everything, taking pictures as I go so I don’t forget certain pieces I’m drawn too. Then I do another round, it seems like I always find new things during my second round. Is it like that for you too? It’s like I need a minute to let it all soak in.

My key for window shopping is NEVER grab a cart. I hate carts. I prefer to carry my items, it also gives me time to think about the purchase while I’m lugging it around the store. I think about where I would put it, is it worth the cost, do I have 10 other items similar to it. you know? The crucial things. haha

Here are some goodies I saw, but unfortunately I left empty handed. Sometimes I think it’s better to browse more than you buy, plus it’s nicer on the wallet too.

Have a great weekend!



Syroco Mirrors

22 Sep

You all know I can’t pass up a fabulous mirror, so when I saw this Syroco beauty I just had to have it!

And the best part was…it was FREE!!!

It was sitting all lonesome in our shop for months and was screaming for some TLC.

Now for the fun part! What color should I paint this baby?

Here are some options I was thinking


As gorgeous as this is, I think turquoise might be over kill in the living room. I’m pretty much obsessed with blue though.


However I wouldn’t mind a punchy yellow.


Loving the sexiness of a glossy black.


Love the white very chic.

Which color do you vote? Do you prefer it gold or agree with me on painting it?

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