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4 Jan

6th Street Design School today!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.41.36 AM

oops forgot

10 Dec

there are a couple of new updates to the house that I haven’t shared with you

one being the obvious

Photo 1 copy 4

i decided to go with a small tree this year in honor of our little munchkin. this has to be my absolute fave thing about christmas. the smell, the lights, the ornaments!

Photo 3 copy 4

we o’verlayed our dresser a couple months back and I keep forgetting to blog about it. anyways I love it.

Photo 2 copy 4

finally found the floating shelves I wanted for the guest bath. still need to decorate them more but don’t you just love ’em.

I’m pretty obsessed with this new photo app on my iPhone if you haven’t already definitely download VSCO CAM you’ll love it.

Vintage Inspired Table Fans

14 Oct

So we are one of those people that sleep with a fan on. We have become so accustomed to the white noise that now we can’t sleep without it. And 2 weeks ago our little rinky dink fan had it’s final days.

This gave me the opportunity to now shop for a cute fan, that would not only serve its purpose in our slumber but also become a stylish decor piece for our bedroom.

So I did a little online shopping and found these:

RH fan

My first fave was this fan from Restoration Hardware. Not only is it beautiful it’s on sale! $149 down to $74! but sadly it’s a final sale and when you add shipping it comes out to over $100. not exactly what I wanted to spend.


So I searched some more and came across this metal fan from SoleusAir. It’s cute but I wasn’t loving the large blades.

ace trading

Another great fan, but the reviews scared me away.


Loved this one, but I really wanted either brushed nickel or chrome.


After more online searching I finally spotted this guy at Target

Loved it! The color, the size, the vintage style and of course the $49 price tag.





DIY Vintage Frame Jewelry Organizer

19 Sep

This is quite a late post so forgive me.

I got this vintage frame at an estate sale for $1.00, don’t you just love that.

Anyway,  it was pretty ugly

So I was thinking of ways to use it and I had always wanted to create a jewelry organizer, so I did!

So I did what I do best, spray painting.

Stapled some modern trellis fabric to the front, pounded in some nails and screwed in some hooks and TA-DA!

For my earrings I strung jute twine across the frame, for an easy on and off.

Sorry for the lack of photos I forgot to take all the in between shots. Oops!

So today you get a super fast project.

Hope you liked it!

New House Tour Photos

29 Jul

Happy Friday!

I’ve update our House Tour page!

Enjoy your weekend! We are off for a little “camping trip” at my friends ranch.

Letter Art

6 Jun

Hi All! Hope your Monday is going well.

We all know the zinc letters at Anthropologie, right?

Well they’re totally cute but at $18 a pop, that just won’t do.

I decided to DIY them by using paper mache letters I got at Joann Fabrics.

I sprayed it pretty heavy so I could get that blotchy uneven look.

And here they are hung up in the kitchen! I used doubled sided tape to attach them to the wall.

Ok next up!  I had Ryan do these, because we wanted to mix two colors together and he’s the best man for that job.

We used these two colors, first he sprayed the top coat in the lighter gold and then lightly sprayed some of the darker gold over it.

Here they are on top of our mantel, I’m obsessed.

I love how using two colors made them look a bit more aged and not so perfect.

This project was so easy and fun, I seriously want to keep going but can’t think of anything else cute to write.

I’m definitely going to do this in the babies room. When the time comes..




Area Rugs on Carpet

3 Jun

Would you say this is taboo? a big no-no in decorating?

Well, as I’ve never had formal training,  I prefer to have no rules in decorating. I just go with the flow!

So when I took the PB moorish rug out of the living room, I wasn’t quite ready to part with it, so I moved it into our bedroom. I’ve never been a fan of rugs on carpet, but after googling a bit, I noticed I really liked the color & pattern it can bring to boring carpet.

This room is gorgeous, the chevron rug adds so much to this room.

Ok so here’s what it looks like in our bedroom

So, what do you think?

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