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4 Jan

6th Street Design School today!!

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.41.36 AM

oops forgot

10 Dec

there are a couple of new updates to the house that I haven’t shared with you

one being the obvious

Photo 1 copy 4

i decided to go with a small tree this year in honor of our little munchkin. this has to be my absolute fave thing about christmas. the smell, the lights, the ornaments!

Photo 3 copy 4

we o’verlayed our dresser a couple months back and I keep forgetting to blog about it. anyways I love it.

Photo 2 copy 4

finally found the floating shelves I wanted for the guest bath. still need to decorate them more but don’t you just love ’em.

I’m pretty obsessed with this new photo app on my iPhone if you haven’t already definitely download VSCO CAM you’ll love it.


26 Oct

Happy Friday!

Here are some new lovelies I picked up this week.

IMG 9084

I love this $15 rug I found at Home Goods. I’ve been loving navy and white lately.

IMG 9093

IMG 9075

Also found this chevron rug for the bathroom for $12! The colors go perfectly in here.

IMG 9047

IMG 9059

We finally got a West Elm near us and they were having a 15% off sale, so Monday I popped in and picked up some things for the guest bath, like this monogram hand towel.

IMG 9061

and these diamond towels as well as the shower curtain, on sale of course!

IMG 9082

I love to find deals and use coupons any chance I get (my poor husband)

Have you scored any great deals lately?

Will you shop at a specific store just because you have a coupon? I do!

The Bathroom Reveal

5 Jul

We did it! We successfully remodeled our guest bathroom in just over a month.

Special thanks to my amazing husband for his hard work, late nights and determination.

I’m in awe of you.

So in case you forgot, this is what we’ve been living with for the past 5 years.

Img 9166

Img 9167

Img 9173

and now for the amazingness!!

IMG 9707

So happy we went with a pocket door, it completely opens up the space.

IMG 9716

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Horizon 1478

IMG 9733

IMG 9662

IMG 9658

IMG 9669

IMG 9701

Love this mirror and it was such a steal at Lowes

IMG 9684

IMG 9666

IMG 9674

We went with a ceramic subway tile because I just love how the light reflects off of it. Plus it’s super durable and easy to clean.

IMG 9726

IMG 9672

IMG 9667

IMG 9653

To add a some glamour to this tiny bathroom we opted for this gorgeous crystal chandelier that I found on Overstock

IMG 9698

IMG 9692

So there you have it, our little guest bathroom got a brand new look. I seriously couldn’t be happier and can’t wait for baby girl to take her first bath in here.

Bathroom & Belly

22 Jun


Wow I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post.

I apologize for such a long absence, it’s just been so crazy over here.

We (mainly the husband) have been working on the bathroom every night and weekend to get it done before the baby shower on July 1st! yikes! We have one week left and still have a good amount to get finished.

paint bathroom & hallway walls and trim

seal tile and grout

install shower trim

install toilet

install pedestal sink

install faucet

hang mirror

install vanity and chandelier light

finish electrical (fan, switches etc)

install door hardware

install shelves

install towel and tissue fixtures

Woo!! Did I forget anything?

Anyway here are some progress shots so you can see what we’ve been up to.

IMG 9358

We decided to open up the wall to install a pocket door, which has made a huge difference for the space.

IMG 9363

Here it is all framed up and installed. I love it!

IMG 9365

IMG 9384

So here we got the tub in, insulation in, and are starting to drywall.

IMG 9389

The drywall going up has made a huge difference, now we could really visualize it!

IMG 9392

IMG 9393

Day 2 of tile install! (I’m saving the finished tile for the reveal)

IMG 9394

And now today has been all about paint, Left to Right: Wickham Gray, Horizon and Moonshine all Benjamin Moore colors. We actually already primed the walls, tinted to Horizon so that’s why you can barely see it.

IMG 9400

We are painting tonight so I’ll surprise you with the color I chose ; )

Oh and by the way I’m 30 weeks as of yesterday! Yeee!!

Here’s a belly shot from week 29


Hope you all enjoy your weekend! Wish us luck on wrapping this bathroom up! My poor husband will be busy all weekend ; )

bathroom status

2 May

This is what we are currently workin’ with




Fun, right?

Well we decided to get a couple of bids for the plumbing work, because with our day jobs, the nursery, baby shower and of course the baby herself coming in less than 4 months, we decided it was just too much for the husband to tackle.

So while I wait for the plumbing to be done, I started looking at tile options.

life begins at thirty

Love the bathroom over at Life Begins at Thirty Right?


elle decor

and these beauties found on Pinterest.

So I went ahead and ordered a sample of this gorgeous tile.


1×1 Polished Carrera Marble Hexagon mosaic.

Seriously loving this for the floor!


I wonder how marble will hold up on the floor though. I’ve been so afraid to ever use it in my house because it’s not as durable as porcelain or ceramic.

Do you have or know anyone with marble floors? How do they hold up?

demolition has begun

13 Apr


We (meaning the husband) finally took a hammer and crowbar to the old bathroom!


I took some quick shots before he got started in case you forgot how horrible this bathroom looked.



While the husband got started, I documented.


Bye bye ugly ass toilet! Ewww I forgot about the old linoleum we used to have in there.


Both layers of linoleum came up fairly easy and surprisingly our sub floor was in pretty good condition.


Now for the fun part! Breaking tile! I so wish I could have been in on this.



And this is where we ended off, a pretty good start for our first day, which was actually just 2 hours.

The plan is to have it completely gutted by the end of this weekend.

Guest Bathroom Inspiration

27 Oct

Not that I don’t already have enough going on, I started thinking about the guest bathroom. Which we plan to gut early next year.

I’m loving white and lots of it. I’m so drawn to all white bathrooms its ridiculous.

houzz 1








I would also love to throw some sparkle in there, along with some stripes.

I’m loving this shower



or I could go bold with a chevron tiled floor

chevron tile bathroom black white shower modern glamorous luxury


And of course I’ll definitely be adding a glamorous mirror.







Anyway, I really can’t wait to get started on the bathroom, and document the journey.

But first things first, the kitchen backsplash. I just got some samples from The Tile Shop, so hopefully one of them will be the winner!

New House Tour Photos

29 Jul

Happy Friday!

I’ve update our House Tour page!

Enjoy your weekend! We are off for a little “camping trip” at my friends ranch.

Be My Guest

25 Jul

Hi All! It’s Monday, wow I wish it was Friday already. Hope you’re with me on that one.

I realized I forgot to share with you the little revamp I did on the guest bathroom.

I pulled this together the week before the Bridal Shower, because I knew I would be mortified if the guests used this bathroom in it’s existing condition.

Remember this…

Well after a couple of trips to the fabric store and Home Goods, I came up with a quick and easy solution to make this tiny bathroom have a little charm.

First thing I did was add this cute basket and displayed some lovely toilet paper. I know some people might not be into displaying their TP, but I think it works perfectly in such a small space with zero storage.

I was trying to think of ways to hide the ugly pipes under the sink and after a couple of hours of googling, I decided a sink skirt would work the best in such a short amount of time. Here is my take on it, not perfect but it did the trick!

Soooo… what do you think? Came out pretty cute huh? I really can’t wait to gut this bathroom and start fresh.

All it takes is one positive test for the husband to get busy on it…if you know what I mean.

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